For those who grieve a loved one or who have experienced a deep loss in their lives:
The Grief Blog is an online resource for people who have experienced loss. It offers a forum for sharing experiences, finding help or information, and getting support. The web site features an archives of helpful radio shows, video presentations and articles on many aspects of grieving.
Life Touches Life: A Mother's Story of Stillbirth and Healing
Life Touches Life is for every mother and father of a stillborn child, and anyone who wants to understand and love them. It is a book for anyone who suffers great loss of any kind and emerges onto a new life landscape suddenly and inexplicably. It is a way—finally—to open a new conversation with and about life.
For those who want more information about shamanism, spiritual healling or workshops:
Serving the North Jersey area, Ravens Drum is dedicated to spiritual healing and the growth of wisdom, self-awareness, and love. We offer workshops and healing work using intuition, Shamanism, Reiki, including "Medicine for the Earth" workshops based on the groundbreaking work of Sandra Ingerman.
Shamanic Teachers
 This website is designed to help you find a shamanic teacher in your area who can teach you basic shamanic skills or find a shamanic practitioner with whom you can do individual work.


Spirit Hollow

A spiritual learning center dedicated to transforming consciousness in the beautiful and serene Green Mountains of Vermont.