About the Author
Julie Lange was born the eldest of 7 children in a rural Illinois community. After a 14-year career in corporate marketing and PR, she founded and operated her own marketing communications firm for 8 years prior to the events described in this book.
After several profound losses within a two-year period stripped away all of the trappings of her previous life, her grieving process gradually evolved into a new career as a writer and community advocate for teens. She played a leading role in the establishment of two nonprofit organizations and a local teen center, and became a national spokesperson against inhalant abuse. Along the way she began studying shamanism and other forms of spiritual healing and now offers healing services and workshops through Ravens Drum. (See http://www.ravensdrum.com/)
Today she is the grandmother of two little girls, and lives with her husband Lou in rural northwest New Jersey. She now leads workshops using shamanic journeywork as a healing tool for people grieving a deep loss. For a schedule of classes, email her at joolybooly@juno.com.

By Julie Lange
A Travelogue through Grief & the Unexpected
Copyright 2008 Julie Lange